"Warmth In the Winter" A brisk winter morn In Mid January bundled up in clothes I feel dwarfed by this mountain of cloth. I waddle down the street through the crowds of people hobbling around, all rolly polly like overstuffed scarecrows. The once short walk from the subway to my building seems to take hours but alas, I am finally there. as I stand in the lobby peeling away my garments like the layers of an onion dripping as though crying. In this state of great dishevel fighting with a stubborn goulash she suddenly appears and taps me on the shoulder. I smile in shock and horror God I must look awful she looks as beautiful as ever why is she here? Is she still married? My garments fall to the side as I slip into her arms as she hugs me close my mind drifts away she always smelled so good. Idle chit chat buzzes in the air but my mind is elsewhere I loved her for many years but never found the courage to tell her. She tells me of her divorce from her rich snobby husband of three lovely kids, her cottage in New England How can this be, she still seems so young? We agree to meet for lunch to catch up on old times a kiss on the cheek and she is gone Oh my god I'm blushing like a school boy! All morning I am distracted I swear I can still smell her perfume such an exotic aroma which leads to thoughts of many things. At last lunch is here and it across the street to a quaint romantic cafe where she is waiting when I arrive. Another kiss on the cheek and then we are shown to our table Now I have to try to walk God I hope I'm able. The food and wine flow freely and by the time the meal is over I smile is upon my face as her finger are entwined with mine. She looks into my eyes like she is looking into my soul in her eyes a flicker of recognition she now knows what I know. Phone numbers are exchanged and then a kiss before parting ways but this time on the lips who knows what the future holds As I watch her walk away the wind cuts at my back but as she disappears from sight the day seems not as cold.

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