Life's Simple Pleasures

I was in the store one day and as I was standing in line I watched a lady with a young child in her arms. He had a small truck in his hands. As I looked at him he smiled and raised his truck up for me to see. It was not the fanciest truck with all sorts of bells and whistles on it, but he was so proud of that truck. I told him that that was a really cool truck and he just grinned. His Mother just kind of looked at me funny as she left the store. I began to think about it. As kids we always looked at the world with a slight hint of wonder and amazement. The simplest of things amazed us. It didn't matter if it was blowing bubbles on the lawn in the middle of summer or running through the snow in the middle of winter, we loved it all. As adults it seems that we have lost our sense of wonder and our enjoyment of the simples pleasures of life. We have become so wrapped up in our technological, capitalistic life that we forgot that some of life's greatest joys do not come from spending money but from simple acts of beauty and kindness. As I thought about that young child later I had to smile as I remembered my days running in the fields of Wisconsin and playing with my friends. Part of me longed to go roll in the grass and laugh and frolic as I once did. Now after some reflection I realize how important it is to remember the simple pleasures, so if sometime you see an adult rolling in the grass and running through the fields, it might be me. And maybe if you stop and think for a moment you will find yourself out there in the fields running with me enjoying life's simple pleasures.

Author's Note The picture on theis page was taken by photographer Jon Elder. I think that it does an excellent job of capturing a child out enjoying the simple pleasures of life. More of his work can be found at: Jon elder's Exhibit Pages