Morning Rituals

I wake up in the morning and put my hand upon the pillow.
I can almost feel the warmth of your body next to mine.
I listen to the birds as their song greets the morning sun
I can almost hear your quiet breathing if I lay real still.

I rise and shower feeling the hot water stream down my back.
I wonder if you would like to join me so that I can wash your hair.
I step from the shower and wipe the water drops from my skin.
I watch the droplets on your body slowly dripping down.

I carefully select my outfit and quickly I dress in the bedroom.
I slowly secure around my neck the tie you always like so well.
I sit by the window and quietly drink my morning cup of coffee.
I smile at you in the kitchen in nothing but one of my old shirts.

I close my eyes and think about the time and where I must go.
I smile as I think about you start to get ready for your day.
I set my empty cup on the counter and pickup my car keys.
I say a quick prayer for you as I get in my car to leave the house.

For today may be the day…..that at last we finally meet.

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