Love Pain and Promises

I can hear the sound of rain
Dripping softly on the roof
Flowing gently down my face
Lightening chasing across the night.

Flickering light of memories
Flash brightly in my mind
Then fade into the darkness
Forever etched in my thoughts.

Love and pain reaching out in the dark
Wrapping around my heart
It's vines holding me tight
Cutting deep into my flesh.

A thousand broken promises
Each a sharpened thorn
Pierce me to the quick
Tearing at my soul.

The pain seems overwhelming
The struggle seems so long
Seeking the hidden answers
To questions long since forgotten.

But with every new breath
And every waking morn'
Love's sweet balm
Comforts my stinging wounds.

Slowly reaching out for healing
Wanting to be whole... again
Someday all shall heal
And I shall live in the light of love… again.

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