World of Gray
The sun was sitting low on the horizon as I pulled into the drive. Returning from another day of mindless madness at my job. As I walk toward the front porch my dog Loche greets me with a wagging tale and a lick of my hand. Tired and weary I turn the doorknob and walk inside the house. the house smells hot and musty from being shutup all day. I lay my briefcase on the counter and walk into the living room.

The room is sparsly furnished with just a couch and a lamp to fill the empty space. Exhausted I lay down on the couch and losten my tie. As I lay on the couch I hear the sound of cars passing on the freeway. Rushing down the road to somewhere, nowhere, who knows.

After a while I feel Loche nudge me with his nose, I must have fallen asleep. I rub my eyes and stand. As I look out the windows the sun has gone down and the sound of crickets fills the cool night air. I walk into the kitchen and turn on the light. After fumbling in the cupbaords for a minute I find a can of dog food and the can opener. the shelves on the cupboard are empty except for a half eaten bag of potato chips and several cans of dog food. I scoop out some food for the dog onto the last clean plate in the house. I look in the dishwasher and realize that I still need to get some dishwasher detergent. Maybe I will get some tomorrow on the way home from work.

Reaching into the fridge I find a bottle of beer. After opening it I take the bag of potato chips and wander out onto the porch. As I take a drink from my beer I sit down on the porch and lean against the railing. As I drink my beer my mind begins to wander. It is hard to beleive I have been working here for the last 10 years. It seems like just yesterday I started, so full of fire and energy. Now it seems that everyday is just another day full of grays. Life seemed once to be so bright and full of colors, but now everything is simply different shades of gray.

Quietly I lean my head back against the railing seemingly indifferent to the world around me. After I finish my beer I set the bottle on the stair beside me and close my eyes and listen to the sounds around me. Even the sounds seem gray anymore. Night after night, year after year, I keep hearing the same sounds and seeing the same things. It almost feels as though time has stopped and I have been living the same day over and over agin for the last ten years.

After a while I grow tired of sitting and walk back inside the house. As I wander through the houseI hear the boards creak under my feet. When I walk into my bedroom Locke looks up fro my bed, but with a wag of his tail he lowers his head and promptly falls back to sleep.

Wearily I remove my clothes and throw them into the laundry basket at the foot of the bed. I pull back the covers and crawl into bed. Quietly I reach over and turn off the light. As I drift off to sleep I dream of a world full of colors.

The End

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