Love's Embrace
I take my hand and touch you face,
Your skin so soft and smooth.
In your eyes I see love and grace,
Your presence stirs my heart to move.

Slowly we begin to use our hands,
Stroking, fondly, softly caressing,
We travel into uncharted lands.
Consumed with passion we begin undressing.

Like autumn leaves, the clothes begin to fall.
Our bodies fill with desire,
We offer our love, our hearts, yes our very all.
Our hearts fill with an unquenching fire.

Slowly we loose ourself
In love's warm embrace.
We feel like we have never felt,
Our hearts begin to race.

In your eyes I see a fire,
In your breast I feel the heat,
Our minds consumed with desire,
I lay myself at your feet.

Our bodies burn from within,
fueled by unbridled lust.
Some call it love, some call it sin,
As you press me to your breast.

I enter you in one slow motion,
In the joy of passion's moment you begin to shake.
Your mind reels from emotion,
YOU cry, not in pain, but in love's sake.

The two of flesh become one.
The passion erupts from within.
One spirit yields and all is done
The joy of love you feel within.

Two spirits joined for all the days.
Two hearts become as one.
Let the past lie where it lay,
And accept the embrace of love.

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