"The Battle" 

She sits all alone
in a room starchy white
her arms wrapped around her knees
starring vacantly into space.

If you look into her eyes
they seem hollow and empty
filled with fear and pain
haunted by the past.

At times she feels like crying
torn apart by pain
inside she feels like dying
trying to escape the anger.

Chaos fills her mind
bought with loves betrayal
a once gentle hand 
now seems so cruel.

Images flash through her mind
of terrors she cant forget
her heart is crying out
trying to let go.

Now the gentle touch 
of a loving hand
be it friend or foe
causes her to reel in pain.

She longs to feel love
to wash away the pain
but in her heart she's terrified
will it always be the same?

In her mind a war
a battle she must face
each and every day
someday may she find it.

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