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Anonymous Love Letter

You may not know who I am
Or why these words I write
I thought I would offer a peek at my hand
And perhaps a little insight.

I hope this doesn't seem mundane or trite
The cloak and dagger poetry and all
I only wish I could tell you what I now write
Words of hopes and dreams, and the prettiest girl in the hall.

The first time we met you made me laugh
You probably didn't know it happened
But as time floats by like falling chaff
I knew it wasnt a fluke, you made it happen again.

As I sit here sipping my hot tea
I stare off into space and my mind begins to wander
Floating like an eagle, thinking of what could be
A thank you and a promise I shall not rescind.

To treat you like a lady
To earn the right of friend
To be kind and gentle to your heart
And write a note like this every now and again.

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