Poetica Meus Amatrix Meus Perpessio

Poetica Meus Amatrix... Meus Perpessio

"Poetry My Lover... My Passion"



Anonymous Love Letter


Childhood Dreams

To Feast

The Flag

In Her Eyes

The Mirror

The River

Midnight Rose



Think of You

Passion's Lair

Warmth in Winter

Did You Ever Wish?

Love Pain and Promises

Quietly in the Night

The Final Notes

Life's New Joy

A Sailor's Prayer

My Love

The Rose Of Love

Love Is...

Love's Embrace

Infernal Hell

The Storms of Life

The Shell



In The Dark

The Call

Rainbows & Teardrops


The Sun's First Touch


I Long

Su Deseo


Endless Night

Morning Rituals

Sail On



Life's Simple Pleasures

What is art?

Short Stories

Gray World

In The Shadow of the Oaks

Other Writers

 I Love You
Author Unknown

Sonnet 116
William Shakespeare

Once More
Unto the Breach
King Henry V
Act III, Scene i
William Shakespeare

Saint Crispin's Day
King Henry V
Act IV, Scene iii
William Shakespeare


If love is the language of the heart, poetry is the language of the soul. Writing can touch the deepest emotions and bring both love and healing. When you read something that someone has written you are getting a brief glimpse at their soul, like a flashbulb going off on a moon less night. It allows you an intimate view into the writer's thoughts, dreams, fears and hopes, and just perhaps these brief glimpses allow us to get a better view of our own.

Collected here you will find a brief collection of my writings.  These writings cover a span of more than 15 years.  In this time I have lived all over the country.  The poems are not arranged in a particular order, but each will give you a glimpse into my life and the life of those around me at various points along my journey. 

I have included with each of the pieces of writings a different pictures or background.  Each is designed to compliment the themes of the writing.  I believe that what we see can make what we read even more powerful. 

Although most of what you will find here is poetry, I have included other venues of writing that interest me. That is the area of short essays and stories. The last section of writings I have included is a some writings from some other writers that I found particularly enjoyable.  Some of the writers listed here are famous, and others are completely unknown.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

May your life be filled with passion, love and creativity.

Andy Beach

A.K.A. Andreu MacAoidh